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Education Consulting, Intensive Turnaround tutoring, And IEP Advocate

Education Consulting ~  We help schools, school districts, and state education agencies strengthen their performance, streamline their operations, and improve their programs and -instruction.. 

Intensive Turnaround Tutoring ~   

If your child is having difficulty with reading, spelling, or reading comprehension, or math,  or is grade levels behind they may be suffering from a language processing weakness.  If there is a breakdown  in this area your child will struggle and experience frustration.

There is hope! And we can help!  * Students with IEP's are welcome to participate in our programs. We specialize in a program that turns academics around for student to become great learners. 

IEP Advocate ~  


We offer phone, video, and in-person consultations; providing answers to your questions about your student’s IEP, or Section 504 Plan. 


We can review and analyze IEPs, and Section 504 Plan documents including student files, assessment reports,  supportive evidence and materials such as doctor and therapists' reports; and discuss findings with you. 


We provide advice and assistance as needed during meetings, prepare you before meetings, and consult with you after meetings.  We're here to help you navigate the process every step of the way!  


We provide workshops and training seminars to organizations and interested groups who support individuals with disabilities. Topics vary and can be customized for your group. 

The Advocate's primary responsibility is to represent the best interests of the student in the educational process.
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