Executive Household Assistant

Executive Household Assistant

Here is how we can help:

The immediate needs include helping organize a lot of moving pieces related to moving (HEAVY coordination), and helping the principals hire additional staff members.

We  will run the process of hiring or maintaining  nannies and housekeepers, and then assume HR-like responsibilities with those hired (on-boarding, getting them set up on payroll, tracking time off, helping them problem-solve, etc)

Collaboration with and loose management of employees once hired (housekeeper, nannies). 

Family calendar assistance

Regular communication and professional collaboration with family office related to financial and insurance matters

On-going “everyday” things. Examples (not limited to):

Finding the right things to buy for the kids, researching things for the kids to do, etc.

Studying vendor invoices to ensure they are accurate and vendors are held accountable for their work

Mail pick-up/sorting/routing.

Errands (grocery shopping, small gifts shopping, dry cleaning, get stuff for kids, taking things to donation, etc)

Property/household/vendor oversight. Establish relationships with go-to vendors, create a household manual, and establish basic household operating procedures)

Oversee vendors while on-site (and update vendor logs, as needed), maintenance schedules – heating, plumbing, window washing, carpentry repairs, furniture and carpet cleaning, etc.

Car maintenance –keeping tabs on maintenance needs, scheduling appointments, and ensuring cars are in proper working condition at all times.

Travel arrangements, travel research, travel booking. Breaking big projects into smaller pieces that are easy to tackle, while always mindful of the desired end result and timelines.